I am a light eater for food, but at the same time, a heavy eater for dessert, which means I like all dessert. I, however, always wonder why there is no dessert banquet and why every dessert cutlery is so small. Thus, I prepared a dessert banquet and two collections in one box for gourmet and gourmand. 

In this collection, gourmet represents traditional cutlery. Otherwise, gourmand represents a new collection as a proposal. To be specific, a small fork and spoon are kinds of traditional things for gourmet, and six bigger pieces, fork, spoon, ice-cream spoon, knife, butter knife and server, are my concept against the traditional things. These two elements make contrast on the table.

Every single cutlery in my collection has blade on the head and handle for two function, first one on the head is to cut a dessert and another one on the neck is to easily pick my cutlery up. This is because the character of my collection is flater and heavier. And the reason why I did not make pronged-fork is that every dessert is soft and easier to cut than meat, so it means we do not need to hold it for cutting. As I mentioned, six pieces of cutlery are for gourmand and just only for personal use, including server, which makes these people fulfill themselves, not waiting so many time.
This collection has fork-like-shaped cutlery which is in-between knife, spoon and fork. Thus, I need to make a new name, which is ‘HAP’. The meaning of HAP is plus altogether in Korean.

- stainless steel, silver plated brass, forged l 2011